Found an Injured Bird?

Birds arrive at the rehabilitation center in all conditions. We have seen car impacts, electrocutions, gunshots and oil. Our hard working network of volunteers always dedicates as much time and energy as they can into getting these birds to the center as fast as possible to reduce the chance of any permanent damage to the birds.

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(866) 888-7261

Our Role

With more than 45 years of experience under Raptor Recovery Nebraska, over 14,000 raptors have been admitted to our facilities. RRN has a reputation as one of the top 10 raptor rehabilitation organizations in the nation.

Every year RCA comes into contact with hundreds of birds needing the care and attention of the devoted RCA Team to bring them back to health.

The power of flight!

Our large flight pens that allow residents to test and build their strength prior to release. There are many stages of rehab, with this one being one of the final stops before a hopeful release.

What Motivates Us

For us, it is ensuring that young birds can grow up without fear of human interference. It means ensuring the public is aware of the impact we have on the wildlife and their sanctuaries around us. Most of all, it means living our mission, each and every day.